Month: August 2017

Saturday BBQ @ The Halford – South of the Border

It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means BBQ TIME at The Halford.  This week we are going South of the Border for our inspiration.  Our Sous Chef the one and only Jose “Tiger” Villegas has made some of the best tasting Chorizo I have personally ever had. This will be featured along with smoked pork spare ribs, Carne Asada marinated with jalapenos, cilantro & garlic and a favorite in the kitchen Joey’s Red Spanish Rice. Spicy, savory, hearty, robust these are just a few adjectives I would use to describe this meal. Get in and get one before we run out.
– Chef Matt




The Buzzed Berkshire Sandwich – Saturday BBQ @ The Halford

What is a sandwich? Studies have shown that it is really nothing more than simple food algebra or B+F+B=S (bread plus filling plus bread). Using this traditional ratio we here at The Halford Present to you:

Our take on Aaron Franklin’s Legendary Tipsy Texan, this bad boy of sandwich contains over a half pound of sloooooow smoked  Berkshire pork shoulder, homemade hot links, Joey’s delicious and fiery jalapeno coleslaw and drizzled with our tangy beer spiked BBQ sauce. You might not be able to pick it up, but  you for sure won’t want to set it down.

Saturday BBQ @ The Halford – Low Country BBQ meets Mexico City

Saturday is back and so is our BBQ throw-down. This week we are doing Low Country BBQ meets Mexico City marinade. What could that possibly mean you ask, well let me tell you. We are taking chicken legs and rubbing them down in a fiery concoction of chilies and pineapples. Large tiger prawns are gently cooked in a warm bath of beer, Cajun spices, house made andouille sausage, grilled corn and potatoes. For $20 dollars your senses will be activated, your stomach will be full, your brain will be contented.

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