Saturday BBQ @ The Halford – Low Country BBQ meets Mexico City

Saturday is back and so is our BBQ throw-down. This week we are doing Low Country BBQ meets Mexico City marinade. What could that possibly mean you ask, well let me tell you. We are taking chicken legs and rubbing them down in a fiery concoction of chilies and pineapples. Large tiger prawns are gently cooked in a warm bath of beer, Cajun spices, house made andouille sausage, grilled corn and potatoes. For $20 dollars your senses will be activated, your stomach will be full, your brain will be contented.

SVBW – Saturday BBQ @ The Halford

Today’s featured BBQ is one of Chef Matt’s favorite: Creative Surf & Turf

BBQ Whole Rockfish from Half Moon Bay + 16 hour Berkshire Pork Shoulder
rubbed with salt, pepper &  secret spices (it’s fennel & cumin don’t tell anyone)
served with spicy potato salad & smoked vegetable bbq sauce
paired with Discretion Brewing – Bramble Ramble Sour (7.75oz)

Pasteur Street Brewing Company from Vietnam Food and Beer Pairing

The Halford will be pouring beers from Pasteur Street Brewing Company from Vietnam this Saturday. Chef Matt Close will be doing a food pairing (special) for the beers as well all day. So come in and check out and taste what we have to offer!

It’s officially summertime and that means two things: BEER and BBQ. As many of you well know we take our Beer & Meat pretty seriously here at The Halford, so it only makes sense that for our first Saturday BBQ we will pairing 2 very special beers from Pasteur Street Brewing with plates of Vietnamese inspired Southern BBQ. Some come down and join us for some cold beers and delicious foods (menu to come soon…)


Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3.7 – Now with Mustard Seed Cheese & House Made Bacon

After many weeks and months of waiting, the grilled cheese sandwich is coming back and it’s better than ever… well at least in my not so humble opinion. Trust me when I say that these were not days spent lazin’ around growing fat and happy on the strength of our current menu no…these were days of hard work, brainstorming, experimentation and lots and lots of dairy consumption.

Finally we had gotten down to just two cheeses. Both of which we feel would make a truly remarkable grilled cheese sandwich, one that will pair fabulously with IPAs, Stouts and even our house Pinot Noir. Inspired by the cheese producing region of northern California known as Petaluma we have selected an amazing cheese called Carmody from Bellwether Farms. This is a semi-firm cheese that is made to reflect the delicate buttery flavor of rich jersey cow milk. In addition to this we have also added Red Dragon, a fierce sounding cheddar, that is studded with spicy brown mustard seeds and finished with dark ale that contrasts the salty cheddar perfectly.

For the bread, we tried brioches, we tried ryes and whites, we even tested out French baguette but in the end really it came down to living in the SF Bay Area and knowing there is no other choice than a fresh baked Sourdough cut into semi thick slices.

So that’s it the perfect grilled cheese sando…but wait there’s more. We also took our house made bacon and chopped it up into little pieces and slowly cooked it with a bunch of caramelized leeks. After some careful though and consideration (read: eating most of the mix and having to make more) we dumped all this into the bowl of the shredded cheese(s) and mixed all together into one giant lovingly mess. Pack this between two slices of heavily buttered bread and there you have it, the grilled cheese sandwich version 3.7.

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