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Oaxaca, Mexico inspired – Saturday BBQ @ The Halford

Per Chef Matt’s visit to Oaxaca, Mexico – Here is the special for ya!!!!!

Arnold Palmer Brined Chicken Leg (brined with black tea & lemon)
Whiskey-Fennel Pork Sausage (made with good ole fashioned Jack Daniels)
Black Bean Salad with peppers, corn, cilantro & onions
House-made Cornbread with cheddar cheese & butter
Guacamole in the style of Oaxaca City (more of a light puree)
Suggest beer pairings: Bud Light, Coors, anything that tastes good with lime. Just kidding we don’t carry any of those type beers. However we do have 71 cold, craft beers on tap & 6 wines!
We’ll be serving it up around 1:00!

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